Tuesday, November 09, 2010

new Raybestos chassis in this weekend

The new PCH line of Raybestos chassis is being set up this weekend. Please note the RED BOX we are NOT stocking -that is their value line ... we are just carrying the Blue Premium line.

Should you need the RED line -- Auto Sense is adding it. Of course we have our RED LINE as RCH by MevoTech and our cheapie line of BCH

There is a link from the above web site to the 'REWARDS PROGRAM" --it is a box top program ( ugly ) -- and we have not been told if we can ( or can't) enroll our customers -- you might want to 'TEST the water' and see .... click here for link

The tech help line has been added to our plaxo address book ( here it is as well ... (877) 759-9977 x 1 )

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  1. beware! not all parts are greaseable! called the raybestos tech line and he said some parts ARE and some parts ARE NOT greaseable! unlike moog parts that were all greaseable